The Adventures of a Country Bumpkin

I was born and raised on a farm. i love riding horses, gun shootin, tea drinkin, and i dont mind gettin dirty. I beleive that life is a board game. you just gotta show people you know how to play :)


  • this is to all of my followers. if you ever need any advice. someone to talk to. someone to listen to you, or just a smile. it doesnt matter what time, or what day. just message me and we can talk : )


sorry, i would rather go horseback riding than go to a party. i would rather hang out with friends around a bonfire than at the movies. i would rather listen to country than the other alternatives that a lot of you guys listen to, but hey thats just me and im proud of who i am

✨written in the stars✨

✨written in the stars✨

✨written in the stars✨

✨written in the stars✨

Stay Positive: Some Zodiac Behaviors in Love →



♈ Aries: Will demand their freedom yet become possessive themselves. Will see the world through rose-coloured glasses when they are in love. They become total romantics yet can be embarrassed by this and don’t like people seeing their vulnerable side

♉ Taurus: They are old…

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